The Body Beautiful


COAST May 2016 Cover

MUA/Hair: Simon Rihana   Creative Director: Karen Kelso   Senior Editor: Jenn Tanaka  Model: Megan Felix   Location: Newport Coast, CA


Personal Work: Jesseto


My new personal series Jesseto is up on my site. “Little Jesse” is a series about a friend who was born with a major heart defect.  His first mode of transportation was a helicopter ride from one hospital to another to save his life.  Jesse is 5’6″ and at the time of shooting  weighed 115 pounds.  Childhood may have been a challenge but as a 23 year old adult he is healthy and happy and this series explores appreciating life and self expression through photography.

I want to mention that throughout my career I had many project ideas that I talked myself out of, thinking for whatever reason it wasn’t worth it.  Nothing informs clients on who you are more than personal work, it helps round out your portfolio and can get you work that you want to shoot.  I like to encourage photographers at all career stages to follow through on ideas.  Remember you’re shooting personal projects for yourself and don’t need approval from anyone.  If anything Jesseto was fun to shoot, pushed me and helped me grow as a photographer.  I’m happy I saw it through.

Olympic Skater Ashley Wagner



I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley Wagner for OC Register Magazine.  The magazine wanted something urban and mentioned shooting Ashley in the city eating an ice cream cone.  I didn’t know Ashley lived in Southern California and wanted to play with the concept of her on water as if it was melted ice.  I also wanted her to be in her skate attire so she was instantly recognizable.  I pitched the idea to the magazine and they wanted to run with it.  Now the hard part, where were we going to shoot?  A few small lakes/parks came to mind but I knew we couldn’t ask her to stand in the usual muck that surrounds lakes.  We scouted and found the perfect location with rocks for her to stand on in Irvine, CA.