IPA Awards – My Girlfriend As…

An honorable mention for this ongoing series really means a lot to me, it’s special because it’s a project that I do with my sweetheart and I give most of the credit to her.  We decide who we want to portray, and what famous photo we want to recreate, sometimes we venture off and come up with something original.  She studies the makeup, does it herself, styles the wig and comes over dressed and ready to shoot.  I have my lighting setup ready to match the photo as closely as possible, and I have to say this project has really pushed me.  Surprisingly, post production is my favorite part of this project, we sit together for hours and laugh while bringing the image closer to it’s final stage.  The Mona Lisa is actually photographed on location, that is my city in the background, there is way less photoshop involved than you would expect.  We’re having a great time with this, and hope to make a personal book in the future.

Disneyland Bribe


When my daughter was 3 years old we lived in a community that had a dry sauna by the pool.  I wanted to do a photo of her with a towel on her head like a “big girl” but knew it would be a challenge.  A little Disneyland persuasion did the trick.  The entire shoot lasted 18 frames as the towel unraveled.  Photographed with my Hasselblad 500CM on Kodak TXP, natural light with one fill card.  Yes, we had a great time at Disneyland!