COAST Cover October 2015


COAST wanted a drink cover for their October issue and sent over a few samples for me to look at.  I instantly knew I wanted to blackline the glass but haven’t done this technique in many years.  I also wanted to push this cover and started to think about having the glass off kilter with a splash.  The hard part was that we were not in studio and on location at AnQi Restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.  After seeing the glasses (the creative director brought her own) I thought it would be even better, but incredibly challenging to use two.  I loved the fact that there were two different sizes.  The glasses were tied with fishing line to a boom arm coming from a C Stand and under the glasses we applied earthquake tacky.  The team threw ice cubes into each glass to get real splashes and the final was pieced together in Photoshop.  The glasses were very unstable and shifted constantly, the ground was drenched and timing each splash was very difficult because the mouth of the glasses were very small.

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