COAST Cover November 2015


Creative Director: Karen Kelso  MakeUp: Parie Rezaei  Hair: Patrick Chai/Exclusive Artist Management

Cover story features philanthropist Twila True and her adorable Native American 2 year old daughter Taylor Warrior True.  The shoot took place in Twila’s luxurious Newport Beach home – you know you’re in a huge house when you can do a full studio setup in the hallway with room to spare.  In between getting light stands up I had the honor of playing catch with Taylor and meeting some of the family pets, 2 golden retrievers and an African grey parrot named Lola.  The November cover marks a few firsts for COAST:  the first time a portrait is featured on the cover and the first time the same photographer is assigned back to back covers…With Gratitude!

Polaroid SX-70 Expired Time Zero Film



Polaroid discontinued Time Zero Film in early 2006, the announcement was made this month in 2005.  I remember buying about 10 packs and throwing them in the fridge.  This was close to the time I went digital and let a bunch of years go by before shooting polaroid.  Some had dead batteries, which is really disappointing, but my fault for waiting so long.  It feels great to be able to work with it again, I’m not hand manipulating like I did in the past, I doubt it would work but still taking them apart and rephotographing them.  As my last few packs disappear I’m glad instant film still has a following and I’m thankful that IMPOSSIBLE is keeping the film alive.

COAST Cover October 2015


COAST wanted a drink cover for their October issue and sent over a few samples for me to look at.  I instantly knew I wanted to blackline the glass but haven’t done this technique in many years.  I also wanted to push this cover and started to think about having the glass off kilter with a splash.  The hard part was that we were not in studio and on location at AnQi Restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.  After seeing the glasses (the creative director brought her own) I thought it would be even better, but incredibly challenging to use two.  I loved the fact that there were two different sizes.  The glasses were tied with fishing line to a boom arm coming from a C Stand and under the glasses we applied earthquake tacky.  The team threw ice cubes into each glass to get real splashes and the final was pieced together in Photoshop.  The glasses were very unstable and shifted constantly, the ground was drenched and timing each splash was very difficult because the mouth of the glasses were very small.

OC Family Cover


My first time working with OC Family and it was a great experience.  After discussing the details with the creative director I had a Norman Rockwell vibe in mind along with a lighting plan.  The shoot took place at South Coast’s Plaza’s Din Tai Fung.  Shooting in a popular, busy restaurant can present a lot of challenges but the day went extremely well.  The restaurant provided us with several dishes to use as props and our model, 5 year old Archer Calvert was so polite, gave his all and lasted the entire shoot which most kids his age find hard to do.  This was his first time modeling – the magazine likes to use kids from the community who best illustrate the story and he did an amazing job.  Key light was a medium Photoflex and a small white umbrella for fill, gobos were added for control.  I have to add that the food was amazing and less than 3 weeks later I was back for a completely different shoot…and lunch.